Jason and Matt talk to special guest Kelyn Carlson about her transition from research, to high school teaching, and back to genetics. Listen as we also talk about two orbiting black holes, a computer simulation of touch, and birds that use cigarette butts to reduce parasitism. We also talk about Toxoplasma gondii and its effects on humans, a machine learning network that creates "good" inspirational posters, what Boaty McBoatface has been up to since winning the popular vote, and what exactly is going on with Uranus' magnetic fields.

Kelyn Carlson got her undergraduate degree in biology doing mudflat invertebrate and shark survey work before becoming an intern at Seacamp/Newfound Harbor Marine Institute in 2010 with Matt and Jason (and previous guest Jen Lindsay)! She has since earned a Master's degree in Education and has been teaching high school biology. She will be starting a second Master's degree in genetic counseling in the near future.