This might be the end of poorly timed episodes! Enjoy this one a couple days early as we talk to Karie Altman, a PhD candidate in the same lab as Jason, and celebrate the return of Kelyn Carlson as Matt is off galavanting in the Costa Rican jungle. Listen as we recap the past couple of weeks of science news including bees that recognize what zero means, what the first ancestral flower may have looked like, nanomachines that can swim through blood, E. coli that is able to store GIFs, just exactly what the hell sea lice are, and the remarkable invention of ice cream that doesn't melt.

Karie Altman studied at Madonna University before starting her Master's at Oakland University. She has done work with sea turtles, many species of frogs, and is currently working on finishing her PhD work in chytrid fungus thermal biology. Find her latest publication here.